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27 Farewells to Rabbi Greg

A 27 Week Celebration of 27 years of Greg in Our ConGREGation


Thank you

These are the responses from HAVERIM; thank you for your support and participation in our 60th Anniversary and a Farewell Celebration in honor of Rabbi Greg’s 27 years of service

For nearly half of Congregation Bet Haverim’s rich and rewarding 60-year history, Rabbi Greg Wolfe has nurtured and inspired our partners and our community, transforming Jewish life in Yolo County.  He always has believed in the divine spark that each of us holds to elevate our Jewish experience, individually and collectively.  We reflect on his impact upon CBH with deep gratitude for what his investment in us has accomplished and made possible.

From small-and-meaningful to community-wide, we’re providing weekly means to engage in recognizing Rabbi Greg, and building for our future together. Please follow this link for the other aspects of our campaign.

Haverim have shared memories of Rabbi Greg and how you impacted each other.

Please contact the office if you have questions about photo formats or need assistance with scanning a print.

Thank you for sharing your memories with the CBH at 60 campaign, and our haverim


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Week One: The Cohan Family

Cohan Family and Rabbi Greg at bris of third son

“From the first Friday night in 1997 that we arrived for Tot Shabbat, our family has felt completely enveloped in the welcoming embrace of Rabbi Greg and his own family.  With a then 4-year-old and 2-year-old to match our own, the kids raced over-and-over through the ‘secret’ passageway in the bima (still the same bima!) at the old Oak Avenue synagogue, as we learned together Bim Bam, David Melech Yisrael, Mi Kamocha, and Shalom Haverim.    

The rituals and routines – formal and informal – that sprouted from that very first evening together shaped and changed our lives as a family and as individuals from that moment forward.  By the time of our third son’s birth and bris in this 2003 photo, not only was Greg our rabbi, he, Julie, Ariella, and Noah were extended family.   And, for the past nearly 10 years, we’ve been fortunate to add ‘neighbor’ to his title!

Rabbi Greg’s influence upon our family and our lives has been profound.  All of us have people we meet in our life’s journey who are pivotal to the humans we become and the trajectory of our lives thereafter.    Indelibly for the Cohan family, Rabbi Greg Wolfe is such a transformational person.”

Week Two: The Frank-Bobell Family

Rochelle Frank and Rabbi GregGreg, I appreciate all you have done for our community and our family specifically.  You have touched the lives of me, Michael, my parents, and our children in so many different ways and during so many of our important life events.   You are always warm, kind, and caring, and have a gift of bringing people together with such ease and grace.  May this next stage of your life be a true blessing for you and your whole family.  We will miss you and always be grateful for all our times together.


I first met Greg at Berkeley when he was a senior and I was a freshman.   My memory was of a warm and GREGarious person.  Imagine my surprise when first stepping into CBH and there was Greg with a warm hug and big smile.  Over the 25 years I’ve been in Davis, he has been my neighbor, friend, partner in CBH work, my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and my son’s Brit Milah guide (Ben has forgiven you). What I love about him is that every conversation starts with creating relationship first.  I’ll miss him dearly, but know that this isn’t Shalom, just L’hitraot.


Week Three: Rabbi David Aladjem

It was during High Holidays in 1998 or 1999… a long time ago.

Rabbi Greg stepped up to the bimah at the Veterans’ Memorial Hall to deliver his sermon. He spoke about our wonderful community and how there were so many ways that we could grow together. But, he lamented, our building on Oak Avenue was so small that we had meetings and activities happening all the time on top of one another. He said: “I want to dream with you about what our community could be.” Rabbi Greg then challenged us to find or build a new campus that would match our dreams and create a bright future for our kehilla kedusha, our holy community.

At the end of the service, Larry Rappaport and I approached the bimah and said to Rabbi Greg: “Let’s do it! We’re in!” That was the beginning of the building campaign that allowed us to purchase this wonderful campus, including the Social Hall which Larry (who co-chaired the Building Campaign with Candace Naliboff) and Rabbi Greg dedicated together in this photo. Thanks to Rabbi Greg’s vision and countless hours of hard work by our entire community, CBH has realized that bright future, with more and better to come!

Rabbi David

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