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Donate a Mishkan T’filah siddur

The siddur, our people’s prayerbook, resides at the heart of the synagogue Shabbat experience. The prayerbook is the treasury of the Jewish people’s hopes and dreams, of ancient days, but also for our own times. While the basic structure of the siddur has been fixed for hundreds of years, every generation continues to creatively explore how best to capture and express the spiritual needs and ideals of its day.

We want our synagogue prayerbook to be a beautiful gateway to creating more opportunities for loving Shabbat and holy prayer experiences. That is why our Ritual Committee was thrilled to announce that we are introducing a new prayerbook for use in our Friday night services. We feel that Mishkan T’filah (literally, A Holy Dwelling Place for Prayer), the latest siddur published by the Reform Movement, will add a new level of spiritual engagement to our Shabbat services. This beautiful siddur, which has been in use in many Reform congregations for quite a few years, has become a perfect fit for our congregation. It has a lovely lay out, inspiring English readings, clear English translations and Hebrew transliterations to encourage more active and meaningful participation in our Friday night services.

This page is set up to make it easy to donate and dedicate one copy of the Mishkan T’filah at a time. Please complete the page, go through the credit/debit process with our processor (PayPal), and then return to this page to make additional donations.

If you would like to make multiple donations at once, please contact the office with your list of dedications.

  • If you would like to make multiple dedications, please complete this form, submit it and pay, and then return to this page to fill the form out again.
  • Bookplate information

    We will print and place bookplates in a siddur, noting special dedications. Please observe character limits. Legibility will suffer if they are exceeded; we'd like to use 8 point type or greater!

    If your desired dedication will not fit into the form presented here, please contact the office to discuss what we can create for you.

  • This is the field that will be printed in the largest size of text. Field is set for a 20 character maximum.
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