Resources for Talking to Families About Israel-Hamas War

Talking With Children About The Conflict In Israel (Reform Judaism)
How to Talk to Children About the Conflict in Israel | Reform Judaism

Talking With Children About Israel Right Now (Kveller)
How to Talk to Kids About What’s Happening in Israel Right Now – Kveller

The Hamas Attack In Israel Overview & Historical Information (Times of Israel)
What happened in Israel? The Hamas attack, its grim toll and what’s next | The Times of Israel

Talking With Children About Violence In Israel And Gaza (Kveller)
Here’s How to Talk to Your Kids About the Violence in Israel and Gaza – Kveller

History Of The Israeli Palestinian Conflict Video (Jewish Educator Portal)
History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict | The Jewish Educator Portal (

What Is Hamas Video (Unpacked For Educators)
What is Hamas? • Unpacked for Educators

Resources For Parents Of Children & Teens (Truvie)
Truvie is a trusted online platform from The Jewish Education Project designed to support parents and families in participating in the Jewish learning of their children and teens. A simple registration is required but many wonderful free resources are available. Truvie has an evolving collection of resources in response to the horrific violence occurring in Israel right now. They will continue to update this space to help parents and families engage appropriately with what is happening.
Responding to Crisis in Israel | Truvie