Report from Community-wide Conversation

As part of the rabbi transition process, many Haverim participated in one of two community conversation events February 24 and 28. In virtual small groups they answered the question, “What are your hopes for the future of our congregation as we consider opportunities for continuity, growth, and change?”

Participants shared both positive and challenging experiences they have as CBH members, and offered many ideas and opportunities for us to build upon. Members expressed their thoughts about the kind of rabbi that we hope to bring to CBH. The following seven key themes emerged from these small group discussions:

• We strive to be a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive community.
• We value and seek varied spiritual expressions and celebrations.
• It is important to invest and nurture connections among our members, Jews in the
region, other regional organizations, and with Israel.
• We value diverse programing opportunities to meet the different needs of our
• We invest in our youth and future.
• Social action and social justice are an important pillar of who we are as a Reform Jewish
• We value and rely upon our volunteers and lay leaders.

The summary report with detailed appendixes is at this link.

Many thanks to all who participated in this first event. The information will help guide the future of CBH and the content of the application we will be submitting to CCAR when we begin requesting rabbi candidates to consider.