Rabbi Search Committee nears completion of initial phase

As summer subsides into fall and our journey into a new Jewish year begins, the Rabbi Search Committee (RSC) nears completion of our initial phase.

The RSC distilled the opinions and hopes expressed through the Listening Sessions and Rabbinic Transition Survey into seven broad areas of most importance to the CBH community.   We additionally developed 4-5 evaluative criteria for each of the seven areas to help the Committee develop interview questions and rate candidates based on the priorities of the CBH membership.  From here, we spent several weeks, first developing 115 possible interview questions and then, after much animated discussion, choosing the eleven questions that would provide the clearest window into the rabbi candidate’s views and experience.

We also formed two Sub-Committees, one to engage the ideas of CBH’s youth and one to answer questions a rabbi-candidate may have about our Davis and CBH community.

Of course, the most exciting news is the receipt of our first applications and that our 5782 has begun with interviews. Over the past couple weeks, we have completed interviews with the initial rabbis who have applied for the CBH Rabbi position.  We anticipate receiving additional applications in October and November, and will continue to interview candidates of interest.  We will keep you informed as we progress through this journey.