New campus mask policies

Dear Haverim:

Please note:

New campus mask policies for CBH Campus

March 15, 2022

from Co-President Mitch Singer and the COVID-19/Reopening Task Force


As we see the trends in infections and the policies of local government and schools change, we are pleased to announce the following change to our protocols:

  1. Masks are no longer required for anyone outdoors on the Bet Haverim campus, including at Gan Haverim Preschool.
  2. To be on campus we are still requiring Covid-19 vaccinations and boosters for anyone who can be vaccinated.
  3. Special Note:
    1. Masks will still be required indoors for everyone when children are present (as at Religious School, Hebrew School, Gan Haverim preschool, or family services).
    2. In situations where only adults are present, there’s no requirement to wear masks indoors on our campus.