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Introductory Membership in Congregation Bet Haverim

We welcome the full range of diverse Jewish and interfaith families.

A House of Friends, A Community Open to All

We include single parents, singles, multi-cultural families, multi-racial families, LGBTQIA people, people of all ages, people with special needs.

Members Are Partners

Being a partner in our sacred community delivers both privileges and responsibilities that elevate the experience above simple membership.  While members expect service in exchange for payment, such as at a gym or as part of a club or service program, partners play an active role in shaping and sustaining their synagogue community.

As a Bet Haverim partner, your gifts of both time and treasure ensure the opportunity for Jewish worship, education and friendships in Yolo County. By being an Introductory Partner in the community, you are able to play a direct role in creating a Jewish life that is personally meaningful and fulfilling to you.

We're all in this together

We offer an Introductory Bet Haverim partnership (membership) with most Partner privileges (other than voting and serving on committees or the Board), for $280 for an individual, or $540 for a couple. This is for new Partners; if you are re-joining, please use the “Join us” button (gold colored) at the top of this page.

The membership, which is good through June 30, 2024, also includes:

  • Attending all events and activities, educational, spiritual, and social, with the opportunity to expand your social network and make new friends
  • Eligibility to enroll your family in religious school, youth/teen, and other educational activities (Tuition paid separately)
  • Lifecycle events

Our goal in offering this membership is simply to give all non-partners in our community an opportunity to see what CBH is all about, with virtually no financial commitment. While we hope you will enjoy your experience with us and thereafter consider pledging as a partner, there is no obligation to do so, nor are there any other “strings” attached to this offer.

We hope that this introductory offer will help you decide to give us a try. We offer this to anyone (or family) but ask that you contact us before sharing this page with others. Please contact the CBH Office with any questions at (530) 758-0842.

Introductory Membership Form

New partners are welcome at any time and may pro-rate their pledge commitment. In addition to an annual pledge, all partnership units also contribute a $275 “L’Dor v’Dor” maintenance fee each year to provide for the upkeep and enhancement of our synagogue campus; this is waived for Introductory Partners.

The Executive Director welcomes questions about Bet Haverim partnership at director@bethaverim.org, or 530-758-0842.

New to Congregation Bet Haverim?

As the center of Jewish community life in Davis and the surrounding area, we are committed to building a community which meets the educational, spiritual and social needs of people in all stages of life.

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