“Health Heroes” Shabbat

Friday, June 12 at 6 PM

Join us for a very special Shabbat on Friday, June 12 at 6 PM, as we celebrate and honor the many “Health Heroes” in our congregation and beyond who have worked tirelessly during this pandemic crisis to keep us safe, healthy, and informed. In that week’s Torah portion, B’ha’alotcha, we learn that Miriam, Moses’ sister, is afflicted by a strange skin ailment. Moses prays on her behalf, “El na refah na la, O, God, please heal her!” So, this Shabbat is the perfect opportunity to say all together how much we appreciate the healers in our community.  

Whether on the frontline in hospitals or in medical offices, doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, have been there for us and our loved ones providing the support and services we need.  Countless therapists have also been counseling people with care and wisdom so that they can thrive and be resilient as we navigate our way through this new reality. We are very glad that we can come together as a community to express our gratitude to these dedicated and valiant individuals. If you are one of our “Health Heroes” we hope you will join us so we can recognize your amazing contributions. 

We are so honored that Dr. Nathan Kupermann, a long time partner at Bet Haverim, will be our featured speaker and will share with us a brief insiders’ view of the challenges and opportunities presented by COVID 19 and insights to help us move forward with hope. Dr. Kupermann is, among his many roles, Professor and Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine for UC Davis Health and is a nationally recognized expert in pediatric emergency medicine. In addition to his clinical work, he has made outstanding research contributions, promoting global and national collaborations among leading pediatric emergency departments to advance the care of critically ill and injured children. 

We look forward to celebrating this special Shabbat with you and honoring our “Health Heroes.” 

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