Happy Purim 5781/2021

Purim 5781, a different celebration

We were so happy to have so many haverim join us for various activities during Purim this year. From the Megillah reading over Zoom, to the Purim Shpiel over Zoom, to in person deliveries to some of our seniors, and our triumphant drive-through Costume Parade and Celebration, we saw an outpouring of safe energy, joy, and thankfulness.

We have four videos to share, plus some photos, along with thanks a-plenty.

Let’s start by thanking the people and businesses who made this possible, our Purim Celebration Sponsors!

Queen Esther Sponsors: Our Heroine Saves The Day
Upper Crust Bakery
The Applebaum Family
Mitch, Jennie, Brianna & Leo Singer
Raphael, Netania, Eliana, and Mayah Moore
The Drabkin Family
Roy Kaplan & Janet Saunders

Mordechai Sponsors: Always Wise, Kind & Helpful
Solano Sign Gypsies
Carmia Feldman & Jaime Ordonez
Larry, Sarah, Jake & Ella Rabin
Laurie Stillman & Catrina Wagner
The Nitzkin Family
The Dubin Green Family
Greg & Megan Rabin
Michael Bobell & Rochelle Frank
Bob & Heidi Smith
Amy & Dan Abramson
The Payne-Frohlich Family
The Schroeder Douglas Family
The Berman Eckey Family
The Erickson Family
Joanna Stone
The Darwish-Pochapin Family
Dan & Iris Tennenbaum
Joy & Steve Cohan
The Rosenthal Family
The Loeb Williams Family
The Scher Family
The Katz Family
Susan Ross and Ron Mikalson
Mitch and Jennifer Creinin
The Guyer Family
Dorothy and Rhoda Rohnstock
John Grindler Katonah
Kerry Wright

Hamantaschen Sponsors: Delightful & Delicious
Pia Spector and family
The Goldsmith Suey Family
Stu & Linda Bresnick
The Gumb Family
The Fruzza Family
The Rose Goldstein Family
The Link Crosier Family
Ardyth, Ken, Daniel & Joshua Sokoler
Marjory Kaplan
Alex & Merry Draffan
The Martinez Family
Daphna Fram
Donna Petre & Dennis Styne
John & Sandi Kniep
The Curry Buhlman Family

Grogger Sponsors: Making Celebratory Noise
Karen Block
Amy & Dave Shapiro and family
The Brenner Family
The Tames-Kaimowitz Family
Robin Neuman
Stanley Young & Janice Purnell
Pam and Marleny Driggers
Jane R. Zeiger
The Barrett Family
Melody & Steve Klein
The Griner Family

Next, enjoy our CBH Descendants Purim Shpiel!

A huge thank you to Karen Block for her hard work, creativity, and determination is creating an amazing Zoom Purim Shpiel for our community this year.  Our Religious School families enjoyed watching it this past Sunday morning and we know that you will enjoy it as well.  Mazal tov to everyone who made this Purim Shpiel happen!

Descendants Purim Shpiel Script
written by Cantor Marnie Cami of Temple Beth Miriam
Zoom modifications created by Karen Block

Descendants Purim Shpiel Performers
Jordan Wagner, Rivka Suey, Karen Block, Pam Block, Allison Goldsmith, and Leah Julian

Descendants Purim Shpiel Backstage Support
Cameron Suey: video editing
Jen Nachmanoff: costume support
Kaia Block Shepard, Eliana Moore: rehearsal support

Here’s a link to the Purim Shpiel.

Even as we listen to the Megillah and make appropriate noise with our groggers, some of us pine for the taste of hamantaschen. Many haverim came to our drive-through celebration, but we didn’t forget those who can’t drive or don’t get out much. A group of Partners organized deliveries to seniors. The bags included some Upper Crust Bakery hamantaschen, a simple painting from the children of Gan Haverim, and a card from our Religious School students.

Thanks for the (very) modified Mishloach Manot goes to Rhoda Rohnstock, Ardyth Sokoler, Pia Spector, Rabbi Greg Wolfe, Doug Walter, Steve Cohen, Amy & Dan Abramson, Bill and Nancy Loeb Williams, Carmia Feldman, Mitch Singer, Janet Saunders and Roy Kaplan, and Bonnie Berman.

If you want to “rev up” your baking for Purim next year, Amanda Druyan shared her recipe and tips for hamantaschen in this video. It’s a fun lesson.

The drive-through Purim Costume Parade and Celebration on February 28 was greatly enjoyed both by those who produced it and those who came to celebrate. A very special thank you to Sam Applebaum (parent, Education and Youth Committee member) for his incredible work as a photographer and videographer) and to Renee Xiang (a Davis High School student) for her outstanding video. We’re fortunate to have two videos to share:

Thank you to Larry Rabin (parent, EYC member) for his amazing contribution of balloon creations for each child at our Purim Celebration! Huge thanks to our teen leadership including Brianna Singer, Lily Frohlich, Talia Ordonez, Marley Adler, Alexa Folb, Leila Ordonez, A.J. Whithaus, Noa Vinkurov, Mayah Moore, Ruby Adler, Lily Schroeder, and Django Nachmanoff. We couldn’t have made our event happen without the hard work and support of Alexander Watson, Lora Barrett, Rabbi Greg Wolfe and Ardyth Sokoler.