Community Engagement for Rabbi Transition

In December, the CBH Board announced the creation of a new Rabbinic Process Team (RPT) to help our congregation prepare for the significant transition we’ll experience with Rabbi Greg’s retirement in June, 2022. The Rabbinic Process Team is meeting weekly and making steady progress in developing processes and procedures to ensure the successful selection and hiring of a congregation Rabbi.

Since our formation, the RPT has been making progress on the following activities:

Communications with CCAR: the RPT met with Rabbi Cindy Enger, Director of Rabbinic Placement, to learn about the CCAR process and URJ resources available to CBH through our membership.

Developing a plan of action: the RPT is charting the needed activities to support this process including public engagement, setting up a search committee, and completing a rabbi search application.

Planning a community-wide engagement process: the RPT is developing a process to engage community members in conversations and solicit input to inform the Rabbi search process. CBH members will be invited to weigh in in three key areas:

  1. Transition: Understand the process that we are undertaking as a community to transition from Rabbi Greg’s tenure to finding a new Rabbi to join our congregation.
  2. Congregational self-discovery: Consider who we are as a congregation and what is our vision for our future.
  3. Leadership: Identify the key qualities that we are looking for in a new Rabbi to lead and support our congregation in realizing our vision.

Collaborating with the Strategic Planning Committee: An important component of this process is to define who we are as a community. We are working with the Strategic Planning Committee, chaired by Liz Bader-Natal, to plan and coordinate public engagement.

Thank you for being part of our CBH community.

[This post appeared in our January 14, 2021 E-tone.]