Bet Haverim responds to County being placed in Orange Tier

Yolo County has moved from the Red to Orange tier relating to its Covid-19 requirements.

As a result, CBH has updated its Covid-19 protocols relating to use of the CBH campus. Protocols have been approved for both the time while the County is the Orange Tier, as well as when the County hopefully moves to the more-permissive Yellow Tier.

It is expected that most of protocols will remain the same even when the County moves to the Yellow Tier. The one expected difference will be the maximum number of persons allowed in our buildings and on campus. However, in both tiers the current plan is to allow for a lesser number of individuals than permitted by the County, as the committee believes it is best to err on the side of caution. For similar reasons, until further notice we will generally require 6 feet of social distancing between persons anywhere on campus, rather than any lesser distance that may be allowed by the County.

Here are some highlights of these changes:

  • We are taking a safe approach, and there are changes we think are consistent with safety
  • You may make appointments to meet with the Rabbi, with particular guidelines
  • We can now see services or other activities moved onto campus after approval of specific plans for them
  • Details of who to contact and how are in the document, if you have a meeting or activity in mind

For additional rules and details, please see the full document.

COVID protocols for Orange and Yellow Tiers at CBH 2021-04