Bet Haverim Mitzvah Meals

Here’s a summary, from the chair of the Subcommittee, about one of the outstanding, ongoing volunteer efforts at Bet Haverim: Mitzvah Meals.

Mitzvah Meals are provided to Partners undergoing a health issue that makes meal preparation difficult. We provide meals for partners experiencing illness, injury and recovering from surgeries. Our group is comprised of partner volunteers who usually like to cook and bake!


How do Partner families sign up for a meal?

Rabbi Greg or another member of CBH leadership can recommend someone for Mitzvah meals.

Additionally, Partners can directly request meals for their family at the time of need. If that’s you, write to

We provide meals every other day for a duration of usually two weeks. There are circumstances that may extend that time. Each recipient is contacted by phone to discuss their likes, dislikes, food allergies, number in the household, etc. We will do our best to accommodate special needs, though we are all home cooks. It is always appreciated when recipients extend a thank you that can be sent by themselves or to the chair of the Mitzvah meals subcommittee on their behalf.

How do Partners sign up to participate in the group?

There is a new email address:

Current members are already added to the Sign up Genius list.

New members will then be added to the Sign up Genius.

When requests are made, you will be contacted with the details. This includes numbers, likes and dislikes, dates, times and location as well as best contact information. The committee members can sign up to bring meals and a follow up email is sent to the recipients. Each meal provider will contact them directly to arrange delivery.