Bet Haverim campus mask policy, March 25, 2022

Addendum to CBH Covid Masking Policy released on March 15th

New Mask Policy, March 25, 2022

As previously stated CBH has moved to a voluntary masking policy for adults, keeping the mandatory masking policy when children are present or participating in an indoor activity.

We have amended this policy to require indoor masking at the discretion of the program leaders. This discretionary policy is to allow individuals who may have an underlying health issue (cannot be vaccinated, have poor or suppressed immune systems, etc.) the ability to comfortably participate in CBH activities. Individuals who feel that masking is essential for their participation can privately ask the program leader to ask participants to wear masks. The program leader can then ask participants to please wear masks.

CBH can provide masks for all participants under these conditions, but strongly urges Partners to carry masks on them at all times. The goal of this CBH policy is to make sure all Partners feel comfortable, safe and part of our community. We believe that such requests are a small price to pay to keep CBH a welcoming house of friends where everyone is welcome and respected.




Mitch Singer

CBH President

Chair of Covid-19 Task Force