Please consider your 2022-23 Partnership Pledge

Shalom Haverim,

Please follow this link and watch your mail for your 2022-23 Partnership Pledge Form and related documents.

We truly want to thank our Partners for your financial support of CBH over the years. Your continued supports helps CBH be a true “community” of which we can all feel proud.

When considering the amount of your Partnership Pledge, please understand that CBH relies on pledges to pay for operating expenses.  Total Partnership Pledges for 2022-2023 must average $2,400 per household to meet our operating budget needs.

This number is not based on anything other than an honest and straightforward assessment of what is needed to balance our budget for the coming year, and allow CBH to provide a spiritual home for Jews in Yolo County and the surrounding region. We recognize that this average pledge may be more than some of our partner households are able to contribute. If you are fortunate enough to be able to contribute an amount exceeding $2,400, you would be truly aiding the entire CBH community.

We intend pledge requests to be the only time each year when partners are asked to contribute to CBH operating expenses. Going forward, it is the Board’s intention that fundraisers such as spring Galas be devoted exclusively to capital improvements of our campus, or other non-recurring expenses. Please don’t hold back on pledging whatever you are willing to contribute toward CBH operating expenses at this time, because absent unforeseen circumstances, we won’t be asking you to contribute to operating expenses until pledge time next year.

The easiest way to bolster CBH’s financial health generally is by adding new partners. We obviously have plenty of room, and each new partner will not only help financially, but will add to our community in many other ways. Please give some thought to whether you know anyone who might be interested in trying out what CBH has to offer. We have a one-year introductory membership program for new members that is extremely affordable — the CBH office has all the details.

We encourage Partners to pay all commitments by Check or Bill Pay. Recurring monthly payments can be set up using your bank’s Bill Pay function.

Finally, regardless of the amount you can pledge at this time, please consider making a non-financial contribution to our community, by joining one of our many volunteer committees. Not only will you help CBH, but volunteering is an opportunity to make new friends, get to know your fellow congregants better, and learn more about CBH governance generally.

Please return your Partnership Pledge by August 19, 2022. This will help us to determine the resources we will have to work with, and plan for the upcoming fiscal year as prudently and expeditiously as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Executive Director Pia Sieroty Spector at 530-758-0842 or

Once again, thank you very much for your support and dedication to CBH and our Jewish community.

Elisabeth Dubin, co-President Robin Kulakow, co-President Stephen Fineberg, Treasurer