Special Announcement from Rabbi Wolfe

Dear Haverim,

When I was a young boy, I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian and coming to UC Davis to study. Well, life can be funny that way. I really did end up coming to Davis, not to study though, but to serve. When I arrived in Davis 25 years ago with Julie, and our two kids in tow, to become the new rabbi at Bet Haverim, who knew then that we would, in fact, end up making our life in Davis for all these years, raising our family here, and discovering the most wonderful Jewish community—truly a community of friends that soon became family.

Over the years, there have been so many experiences—chai-lights—that have brought me such joy and fulfillment: moving to our new beautiful campus in 2004, starting our very own pre-school, Gan Haverim, shortly after moving, celebrating our congregation’s 50th anniversary in 2011, procuring not one but two Torah scrolls—one that many of us helped write during our 50th anniversary—and, most recently, the most moving and loving celebration of my 25th anniversary at our Zoom Gala Gala, which epitomized the generous and dedicated spirit of our congregation.

As I reflect back upon these momentous occasions, I realize that what has made them all so meaningful and even possible is all of you, our beloved partners. You are the spirit and the glue of our congregation. You are why those of us who serve Bet Haverim do what we do. It is the opportunity to work together with you to collaborate and create, envision and inspire , and make meaningful connections in a place where our Jewish dreams can come true that makes everything worthwhile. More than anything, there have been countless tender experiences shared with each of you that I will treasure always: learning, rejoicing, consoling, praying and simply living life’s precious moments. I truly want to thank all of you for providing me with the gift of a loving and engaged Jewish community to be a part of and lead for all these years. No rabbi could possibly be more fortunate than I nor more blessed.

I have received so much over the years, looking back, and now it is time to look to the future. I feel that the time has come to prepare for the next stage of my rabbinate as rabbi emeritus. I am ready to pass on the mantle of leadership to the next rabbi who will guide our sacred community for the generations to come, building on all that we have accomplished and innovating new pathways for us to travel together moving forward.

My goal is to transition to my new role at the end of June 2022, giving us plenty of time to prepare. This has been a decision long in the making, carefully planned and considered long before the tumultuous events brought on by the recent pandemic. As we look to the years ahead, I believe that this will be an exciting time of growth and possibility for our community as we continue to build our vibrant future as the only Jewish congregation in Yolo County. I look forward to helping create a smooth and successful transition. We are all healthy and well in our family, and Julie and I plan to remain in Davis and support your new spiritual leader as they assume their sacred role as your rabbi, when that time comes. In addition, I will continue to share in your lives in my new evolving role.

Of course, there will be ample opportunity to plan and be involved in this exciting process. More details will be forthcoming from our leadership in the next months.

With love, gratitude and blessings,


Rabbi Greg Wolfe