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There will be no in-person High Holiday services at Congregation Bet Haverim

We will only have outdoor gatherings that comply with our Covid-19 protocol.

A House of Friends, A Community Open to All

We strongly encourage anyone who is able to be vaccinated to do so. We have chosen not to administer a verification process, for a variety of reasons, and so must rely on your honesty and good judgement. Do not attend services if you feel you might have symptoms or have been exposed to Covid-19. Mask use is mandatory while on the CBH campus.

Members Are Partners

As a Bet Haverim Partner, you have the opportunity to enjoy for Jewish worship, education and friendships in Yolo County. We understand that attending services on High Holy Days is both a goal and an expectation for synagogue Partners. It is only in the interest of health and the mitzvahs of pikuach nefesh and sh’mirat haguf that we have decided to drop in-person, indoor services. We also believe that significant numbers of Partners are going to choose to attend services electronically.

We hope that you will be able to play your distinct role in creating a Jewish High Holy Days experience that is personally meaningful and fulfilling to you.

Zoom links are on another page

Once those are ready, we’ll direct  you to that page from here. Thank you for your patience as plans change!

New partners are welcome at any time; follow the link to make a pledge commitment.

The Executive Director welcomes questions about Bet Haverim partnership at director@bethaverim.org, or 530-758-0842.

Registration is suspended: all services will be Zoom-only, per Board decision on August 10th.

New to Congregation Bet Haverim?

As the center of Jewish community life in Davis and the surrounding area, we are committed to building a community which meets the educational, spiritual and social needs of people in all stages of life.

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