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LaBriyut (To Health)

Help each other. Tell us what you need, or how you can assist.

Help others shelter in place

Maintaining a healthful distance shouldn’t mean that haverim have to suffer. Let’s see what we can do for one another!

Join the LaBriyut (To Health) Group

Become a member of our new “LaBriyut (To Health) Group”! We hope that this group will coordinate efforts to stay in touch with our seniors and most vulnerable CBH partners. People in this group can volunteer to make calls to this population and help everyone stay connected to our community, offer to go shopping or run errands, and just be a friendly and cheerful connection making sure all their needs are being met.

The Rabbi welcomes questions about Bet Haverim and Jewish life at rabbi@bethaverim.org.

  • Please use this form to register a particular need, or to volunteer to help someone in need. The contents of this form will go to Rabbi Greg and his helpers. They will determine what our community can do, and will contact you.

    Thank you, and to your health!

    Please choose, and you will be given an opportunity to explain further.

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