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High Holy Day “tickets” for Non-Members & Introductory Member 2023/5784

Thank you for visiting the CBH website for High Holiday tickets.  We would love to have you join us in prayer and spiritual exploration as we start the year 5784.  Congregation Bet Haverim is an open and welcoming community where we seek to engage and support everyone in building a vibrant and meaningful Jewish life.

Ticket Information for Non-Members

CBH understands that we have different levels of financial resources. While our suggested contribution for non-partner High Holiday tickets is $180 per adult, please contribute an amount that feels comfortable and is within your means.

You will need to register in advance for will-call tickets and/or to receive access to our password-protected High Holy Day services and programs. You can register and make your donation by contacting the CBH Office by September 11, 2023  (530) 758-0842. 

If you are new to Congregation Bet Haverim, we would like you to know about our Introductory Membership offer.

For just a nominal amount above the suggested donation for High Holy Day tickets, we are offering an Introductory CBH membership that includes High Holy Day tickets, along with most Partner privileges (other than voting and serving on committees or the Board), for $280 for an individual, or $540 for a couple. 

The membership, which is good through June 30, 2023, also includes:

  • Attending all events and activities, educational, spiritual, and social, with the opportunity to expand your social network and make new friends
  • Eligibility to enroll your family in religious school, youth/teen, and other educational activities (Tuition paid separately)
  • Lifecycle events

Our goal in offering this membership is simply to give all non-partners in our community an opportunity to see what CBH is all about, with virtually no financial commitment. While we hope you will enjoy your experience with us and thereafter consider pledging as a partner, there is no obligation to do so, nor are there any other “strings” attached to this offer. 

We hope that this introductory offer will help you decide to give us a try. The deadline for accepting the offer is October 31, 2023. If you are interested, please contact the CBH Office at (530) 758-0842 or by email office@bethaverim.org.

Zoom links are freely available to CBH Partners, so please contact us if you haven’t received your password for the links page by September 8, 2023.

High Holy Day services are in person and on Zoom, and the page of links requires a password

 On Zoom, we request decorum and muting yourself where appropriate.

We have a wonderful array of family services and programs in 5784, for which pre-registration is required.

We look forward to welcoming you to our High Holy Days.  If you have questions, please email the office or call 530-758-0842.

Please fill out the information below to become an Introductory Partner.

New to Congregation Bet Haverim?

As the center of Jewish community life in Davis and the surrounding area, we are committed to building a community which meets the educational, spiritual and social needs of people in all stages of life.

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