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2018-2019 Religious and Hebrew School Registration

Your child's path to Jewish life, and Bar or Bat Mitzvah preparation

Please note that this form alone does not suffice as Religious/Hebrew School enrollment. This form AND the 2018-2019 Emergency Medical Information Form available here (completed for each child you're enrolling) must both be received, as well as a 2018-2019 Bet Haverim Partnership Form (available here), for your child(ren)'s enrollment to be complete.  Please submit your Partnership Pledge Form prior to completing Religious and/or Hebrew School registration! Participation in the education program is a privilege of partnership, and a Partnership commitment to CBH is required in order to enroll.

All CBH B'nai Mitzvah candidates must attend Sunday morning Religious School, which is offered for pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten through 7th grade students.  The Hebrew School program begins at 3rd grade, and will be held on Wednesday afternoons.  Students who start Hebrew later may not be grouped with age peers or may require private tutoring.

If you have questions about registration, please contact the CBH office by clicking , or phoning 530-758-0842. If you have questions about the Religious or Hebrew School programs, please contact Education Director by clicking her name, or phoning 530-758-0842.

Be sure to click the green "Submit" button when your form is complete, and await the "Thank you" acknowledgment page to ensure that your registration is received.

Last Name First Name Age as of 9/1/18 2018-2019 Religious School grade 2018-2019 Hebrew School level
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Tuition calculation Full amount of tuition will be calculated; the approval of any requested Financial Assistance will be applied toward the balance due at a later date. See section below for assistance application instructions.
Payment options   Please check the applicable box below to indicate your payment plans. Your full or initial payment may be made NOW at, or by delivering a check or cash to the CBH office.

Religious and Hebrew School Tuition Policy Statement

School tuition is applied toward the operational cost of the Religious and Hebrew School programs, teacher compensation, materials and special events. These programs are available only to children of CBH partners in good standing (meaning the family is current with Partnership pledge commitments and past Religious School tuition fees).
If you have a balance remaining from a previous school year, a minimum payment of 50% of the previous school year's balance is required before you can register your child for the upcoming school year and a payment plan needs to be in place for the remainder of the balance.  Current school year payment (2018-19) options include paying in full, quarterly, or monthly payments.
Families seeking a tuition reduction should view our Tuition Assistance Policy, and then submit a confidential financial assistance request to Executive Director Hollie Malamud by clicking prior to the beginning of the school year.  No child of a CBH partner in good standing will be refused entrance because of an inability to pay the standard tuition.