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Religious School, Hebrew School and B'nai Mitzvah Preparation

Sunday morning ritual and cultural instruction for age 3 through 7th grade, weekday Hebrew language instruction for grades 3rd through 6th and additional pre-Bar or Bat Mitzvah readiness for youth and adults

Religious School

This Sunday morning program runs from 9:30 a.m. to Noon, and is a prerequisite for youth wishing to become Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Enrollment requires synagogue Partnership.  Additionally, Hebrew School instruction and more intensive B'nai Mitzvah preparation also are required.

A Taste of the Alef Bet for Parents

The Education & Youth Department is excited to offer a continuation of the Beginning Hebrew Reading Class for adults!  This learning opportunity with BimlaSchwarz will meet on Sunday mornings on October 28th, November 4th & 11th, December 2nd & 9th, January 13th & 27th, and February 3rd & 10thfrom 10:15 until 11:45am.  This class will introduce the alef bet, basic decoding, and an introduction to prayers. The fee for this class is $54.00 and scholarships are available.  Please follow this link to enroll in our Taste class.

Hebrew School

Classes meet on Wednesdays from 2 to 4 p.m.  The goal of the Hebrew curriculum at Congregation Bet Haverim is to prepare our children for a successful bar or bat mitzvah experience.  In addition, we work to support confidence, love of learning, and a motivation to continue Hebrew learning.  Hebrew is introduced to our youngest children on Sunday mornings during Religious School and continues through sixth grade in our Hebrew School.  Hebrew learning in preparation for bar or bat mitzvah includes private tutoring to review the Hebrew prayers as well as learning trope (musical melodies) for chanting Torah and Haftarah. 


Students in the Preschool Class are introduced to simple Hebrew vocabulary through music, movement, story, and play.  Vocabulary is related to Jewish holidays or classroom concepts such as numbers, colors, items in the classroom or synagogue.

Kindergarten, First Grade:

Students in the Kindergarten and First Grade Class use either Let’s Discover the Alef Bet from Behrman House or Now I Know My Alef Bet from Torah Aura.  In these curriculum, young children learn the names and sounds of the 22 letters of the alef bet using a series of developmentally appropriate packets.  Each folder introduces one letter and includes a key Hebrew word, engaging strategies to recognize the shape and sound of each letter, playful activities, additional Hebrew vocabulary, and optional activities to bring the learning home.  Hebrew learning continues to be offered through music, movement, story and play.

Second Grade:

Students in the Second Grade use Shalom Alef Bet from Behrman House.  In this picture-based curriculum, children become familiar with the Hebrew alphabet’s letters and vowels.  Students learn that Hebrew is read from right to left.  They also practice simple single letter reading, single letter and vowel combinations, and basic vocabulary.  Shalom Alef Bet includes interactive games that encourage cooperative play.

Third Grade (Kitah Alef):

Students in the Third Grade use Hebrew Step-By-Step, a newly created curriculum from Rae Antonoff and JLearn Hub.  This innovative curriculum introduces Hebrew letters (including final letters) and vowels.  The primary focus is Hebrew decoding beginning with simple combinations and progressing as the curriculum continues.  Hebrew Step-By-Step introduces each letter with a “silly Hebrew trick”, utilizes sound pedagogical strategies for reading, and includes handwriting.  The series of eight packets allows children to feel a sense of excitement as they complete each level.

Fourth Grade (Kitah Bet):

Beginning in fourth grade, students begin using their Hebrew skills to read, translate, and explore the meaning of our Hebrew prayers.  The focus in Fourth Grade (Kitah Bet) is on simple prayers including blessings for Shabbat and holidays, Shema, V’Ahavta, Barchu, Mi Kamocha, Ma Nishtanah, and Havdalah. 

Fifth Grade (Kitah Gimmel):

Fifth Grade (Kitah Gimmel) progresses to more challenging prayers with a focus on the Amidah including Avot & Eemahot, Gevurot, and Kedushah as well as Maariv Aravim, Yotzer Or, Kiddush, and Shalom Aleichem. 

Sixth Grade (Kitah Dalet):

In Sixth Grade (Kitah Dalet), the curriculum focuses on the Torah Service and Concluding Prayers including Birchot HaTorah, Birchat HaHaftarah, Aleinu, Ein K’Eloheinu, Adon Olam, and the Mourner’s Kaddish.


Materials for our students in fourth, fifth and sixth grade include Hebrew In Harmony from Behrman House as well as the Beit Midrash Prayer Guides from Rae Antonoff and JLearn Hub.  Hebrew In Harmony integrates music, art, imagination, and critical thinking activities to support students in reflecting and developing their own understandings of the prayers.  The Beit Midrash Prayer Guides, a continuation of the Hebrew-Step-By-Step program, provides additional decoding and translating exercises and skills.  In addition, students in Kitah Gimmel and Kitah Dalet will learn Hebrew script (cursive writing) using the Hebrew component from Handwriting Without Tears.  Students in our Hebrew School will also participate in Hebrew Through Movement, a Hebrew immersion experience created by the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland.  These lessons will introduce our children to experiences using play, movement, and carefully developed sequences presenting living Hebrew and vocabulary in authentic and playful manner.

To access a 2018-2019 Religious and Hebrew School Parent Calendar, please click HERE.


B’nai Mitzvah Preparation

Intensive study with Rabbi Wolfe over a period of months for teens and up to two years for adult B’nai Mitzah candidates. Tutors also assist with Torah and Haftorah readiness  Contact the CBH office for more information and to make arrangements, at 530-758-0842 or

Family First Friday Shabbat

A new program to help you enjoy the beauty of Shabbat with your friends at CBH! On the first Friday of most months, we'll gather together for a shorter service that's family friendly, followed by a simple catered meal and oneg. More information about the cost and food for the Shabbat dinner will be shared once catering is finalized.

Shabbat Service begins at 6 PM followed by Shabbat Dinner at 6:45 PM. Teen Space time will be available from 7:15 to 8 PM. Here are the dates:

  • September 28th - Sukkot Shabbat
  • November 2nd - Second Grade
  • December 7th - Hanukkah Shabbat
  • February 1st - Sixth Grade
  • March 1st - Third Grade
  • April 5th - Fourth & Fifth Grade
  • May 3rd - Seventh Grade

Please click here for more information and a flyer.


You must be a current partner (member) of CBH to register yourself or your children for any on-going education or B'nai Mitzvah preparatory program.  A minimum payment of 50% of the unpaid balance from a previous school year is required before you can register your child for the upcoming school year and a payment plan needs to be in place for the remainder of the balance.  Current school year payment (2018-19) options include paying in full, quarterly, or monthly payments.  Please follow this link for our Tuition Assistance Policy.   Please complete and submit all forms below and contact the CBH office at regarding any registration questions.  For questions about the Religious or Hebrew School programs, please contact Education Director Ardyth Sokoler by clicking her name.

2018-2019 Religious and Hebrew School Registration

2018-2019 Emergency Medical Information Form