Adopt a Social Worker

The Adopt a Social Worker group was developed under the CBH umbrella about fifteen years ago to support social workers in the Yolo County Department of Social Services.  Once a month we meet for lunch at a local restaurant.  We treat our social worker to lunch and listen to an update on her caseload, challenges and successes.  Our CBH group has one social worker we work with and support.  There are several churches in the county which are also paired with a social worker from Yolo County Child Protective Services. Each group supports their social worker, and once a year we meet together for a dinner and share our experiences.


These social workers have the difficult and crucial job of protecting the most vulnerable children in the county.  They are called in when someone reports that a child is being abused or neglected.  They have to investigate the allegations and intervene with the family to protect the child. Their interventions are supervised by family court judges.


As you can imagine this is a very difficult job.  Often the families are living on the edge, and the county cannot provide all the needed resources for the family.  When there are resources we can provide for the children, we assist the social worker with those resources, but another important role for us is to listen to the social worker explain the challenges of their jobs while always keeping the confidentiality of the client’s identity.  We get educated about the challenges of the job, and we also relieve stress for the social worker by giving him or her an opportunity to share their work, a topic that is not usually discussed socially.  Then we can become agents for them to explain their work to others in the community.  Providing resources to the social worker also can relieve stress for the social workers.
This job has high turnover, and whatever we can do to support the social worker is valuable.  Less turnover and burnout means the children are being looked after more dependably.


If you are interested in joining us in this monthly gathering to learn about the work of our Child Protective Services social workers and to  provide support for them, please call Joan Sublett at 530-908-2253 or contact her at