Partner Photo Directory

Second Session — beginning September 24

More than fifteen years ago our community produced a congregational directory with photographs of partner families.  The Board thought it might be time for a new photo directory.  Lifetouch will take the photos and develop the directory for distribution.

The photographers will be on campus from 12:00 – 6:30 p.m. for several days beginning September 24.  There is no cost to partners for the photography and one copy of the directory will be free.

To set an appointment or get answers to any questions please contact Nancy Loeb Williams at or call 530-756-8935.

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It’s time to schedule your photography session.

Lifetouch will be here soon to photograph and create a new directory for us. Our faith community is stronger when we know one another, sign up today.

Photography starts September 24, 2019.

What to expect (plan on 60 minutes for your entire appointment)

  • A professional photography session, no session fees
  • View your images after your session
  • Select your directory image and order additional photos

You will receive

  • One FREE 8×10 standard print and a new printed directory
  • PLUS receive $30 to spend at with any Lifetouch photography purchase!
Or, call 1-866-756-0281 to make an appointment.


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