Board of Directors Statement Condemning Bigotry and Racism


As leaders of Congregation Bet Haverim, the only synagogue in Yolo County, we cannot sit by silently without responding to voices in our country that pander to and promote bigotry, racism and intolerance in our country.

We affirm that as Jews, we are called upon by our faith, our conscience, and by basic decency to welcome the stranger and to challenge the mistreatment of refugees and those seeking asylum on our shores. The separation of children and the mistreatment of refugees housed in squalid barracks at our southern border is reminiscent of the dark days in Jewish history when our people were oppressed. Many of our ancestors would not have survived had they been denied entry into the U.S. when they sought refuge from the terror in their native lands during the great Jewish migration of 1880-1920.

Because of our beliefs and our history, we condemn the demonization, defamation and denigration of immigrants in the strongest terms. The demands for racial and ethnic minority citizens “to go back where they came from” exhibit intrinsic prejudice. The history of such inflammatory messages reeks of racism and xenophobia.

We accuse everyone who uses such slurs of debasing the foundational American ideals of equality and freedom of speech.

As Jews, we strongly condemn anti-Semitism in all of its manifestations. At the same time, we unequivocally reject attempts to shield or justify bigotry directed at other minority groups under the pretense that doing so reflects support for Israel or opposition to anti-Semitism. Israel does not need support grounded in bigotry. Anti-Semitism must be fought along with all other forms of intolerance. The battle against anti-Semitism must never be deceptively deployed to support invidious discrimination against others.

Board of Directors, Congregation Bet Haverim